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La Jolla Real Estate Ethics (or NOT!)

By lajollahomes | May 1, 2009

We were at a real estate seminar last week and a winning real estate agent was onstage play-acting a scene in which he deftly handled a “buyer objection” by saying, “If I utilize systems other agents cannot access or do not know how to use, would it be worth giving me 15 minutes of your time?” and then talking the guy into coming into his office to sign an exclusive Buyer/Broker agreement.

Here’s the problem: the “objection” the buyer put forth in this exercise was “I’ve been working with an agent for months, but I think I have been coming in too low on the offers I’m making...”

The agent onstage should have said, “You know, if you think your agent is doing a fine job, really you should stick with him/her…”

We believe that personal and professional ethics come down to the Golden Rule, and Greg has answered many buyers and sellers by urging they stick with the agents with whom they have worked because he appreciates his colleagues’ time, effort, and commitment. We devote a lot of goodwill, time, effort, and expertise to our clients and we do expect a level of loyalty in return.

For the highest standard of ethical, honest, knowledgeable and caring service, contact GREG NOONAN at 1-800-LA JOLLA!

We believe a high standard of ethics is a Win-Win proposition.

We believe a high standard of ethics is a Win-Win proposition.

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