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People Say and Do the Darndest Things…in Real Estate!

By lajollahomes | May 11, 2009

In Greg Noonan’s office, we have logged up some interesting experiences– many absolutely wonderful, some excuciatingly sad, and others that just left us laughing in our chairs. Here are a few of the best:

 Greg had listed a spectacular home above La Jolla Shores and we were astonished to receive a full-price offer submitted by a buyer who had not yet seen the property.

With the offer were twenty neatly written checks, totalling exactly $11,000,000…


and written by an inmate at a prison in the midwest!

We have a name for any time when someone’s subconscious ambivalence causes a failure to perform. We call it a “Lopez.”

Our dear friends decided to sell their beach house and we received a fine offer from a man named Lopez. Mrs. Lopez was crazy about the house… but so was the Mrs. on the selling side.  She liked it so much, in fact, that once a deal had been signed, she welled up with tears and a serious case of what we call “seller’s remorse.”

Well, being that he is a seriously honorable guy, Mr. Seller was determined to perform on his end of the bargain as long as Lopez, whom he knew personally, followed their agreement to the letter… but he instructed Greg to let Lopez know that his Mrs. was sorrowful and with any slight deviation from the contract and the deal would be “off.”  He also instructed Greg to watch with eagle eyes for any opening that might make him the hero of his family for keeping the house!

Well, Mr. Lopez was to sign off on all contingencies and have his money into escrow by Friday at 5 PM. As you can well imagine, Mrs Seller was biting her nails off and everyone else held their breath to see what Lopez would do.

The money arrived… Saturday at 9 AM.

Greg represented the seller of an extraordinary property in La Jolla and a relatively-unknown agent brought in an able, interested buyer.

Everything went well, but Greg was really having a time, trying to keep the other agent on a calm and professional level. Though buyer and seller came to agreement, and the property was in escrow for win-win price and terms, the agent was confrontational, angry, and exceptionally difficult. Greg focused on his clients interests, as usual, and did his best to keep the other agent on an even keel, but just as the escrow was about to close, the agent came up with another wacky problem during an inspection of the house.

Greg listened and addressed her concerns until the other agent finally crumbled into tears and blurted out wildly, “This would be a lot easier if you weren’t so damned handsome!”


The Lottery Winners!

Greg was referred a client from Chicago by a friend who instructed Greg, “They won the lottery but don’t let on that you know…”

When the gentleman called to talk about real estate, Greg asked about their interests, their preferences, etc… and it was clear the buyers were interested in condominium living. Greg asked about price range and the man answered, “Well, what does it cost to own a condo in La Jolla?”

Greg answered that– at the time, which was many years ago– condos in La Jolla ranged from $100,000- $1,00,000. “We’d like to see them all!” answered the buyer.

Greg never showed more property in his life. They looked at condos in University City, La Jolla, everywhere… and finally the couple narrowed their choices to a $200,000 condo by La Jolla Village Square and a fabulous penthouse at 939 Coast for $800,000.

“But my wife doesn’t like the carpet here,” the man explained to Greg as they visited the 939 residence again. Greg explained that it was easy to order new carpet.

“But what would they do with this carpet,” his wife asked, incredulously. Greg gently explained that the carpet company would come and roll the old carpet up and take it away in a truck when they installed the new carpet.

“But that would be expensive, wouldn’t it?” she asked.

For the first time belying his newfound wealth, her husband said, “Honey, in our case that doesn’t really matter.”

So… which property did they buy? The condo by the mall or the spectacular penthouse with forever views and valet service?

Of course.

The UC condo with carpet she liked.

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